wedding events

We are committed to provide exceptional services and plan exclusively for all your needs. We pride ourselves to be among the top wedding planners in India and provide all kinds of wedding planning solutions from invitations, décor, catering to photography, videography and much more. We understand professional wedding planners can be hard to find, but don’t fret, now that we have arrived to ensure your peace of mind.

cooperate events

we understand that a product launch represents a unique opportunity to maximize publicity, promotional exposure and market penetration. As the new product can only be launch once – the production and execution must be flawless for the event.

sports events

we are among the top sports event management company in Delhi which specialize in customizing themed events for varous businesses.Without missing any detail,our professionals identify the best plan according to the vision of the company.We line up activities which ultimately boost the morale,motivate and cheer employees.Every project ehich is undertaken by CEPL is conceptualised,planned and executed with precision

entertainment events

Entertainment Management is prepared to offer full management services for your events.  Services include budgeting, planning, design, promotion, sponsorship management, catering, contract management and other services.  We can deliver end-to-end planning and management of your event or provide selected services to meet your specific requirements.

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